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Our 'Knock It Out' Workshops help quiet the noise, and lets us focus on that one thing that can make a big difference.

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More than just a one-day workshop, our 'Knock It Out' Series brings one full month of support. Following the initial workshop, we're with you for a full 30 days assisting in your execution, and ensuring that you get the utmost value from our time spent.

Zafha predictable growth workshop

Predictable Growth Strategy

This month we focus on the Growth Triad, or the three things we need to achieve predictable growth: a documented journey, actionable metrics, and tools and tactics. We'll introduce you to the Customer Value Journey, the Customer Avatar Canvas, and the Growth Scorecard.

Zafha omnichannel growth strategy workshop

Omnichannel Campaign Marketing

This month we identify your perfect audience, create a plan that will reach them where they are, and develop analysis and reporting tools that will tell us what's working, or not working. We consider all opportunities, including direct mail, digital ads, email, and more.

Zafha marketing content for a year workshop

Content For a Year

Overwhelmed by all the content you need to create? This month we simplify by focusing on the wonderful world of repurposed content. By the end of the workshop alone, you'll have a calendar for one year's worth of content. And the rest of the month? We help you get the word out.

Zafha does email marketing

Amplify With Email

Email is back, baby! Actually, it never left. It's still the best way to engage (and reengage) with your customers. This month we dive into email strategy, platform options, automations, and more. We'll also talk about the Customer Value Journey, and how we can deliver more value through email.

Zafha does social media marketing

Amplify With Social Media

Not just about running ads, this month we'll also work on selecting the right channels, optimizing those channels, and leveraging organic opportunities that still exist in today's social media. We'll also focus on content creation—and how we can more efficiently communicate with our audience.

Zafha does brand strategy

Brand Strategy Foundation

This is the mothership. Best for new business, start-ups, or businesses looking to reset. This month we define and document the 7 pillars of brand strategy: Offer, Competition, Audience, Positioning, Messaging, Communication, and Assets. Here we build the foundation everything else is built upon.

Zafha growth accelerator workshop

Growth Accelerator: Build

For the first time, we're offering the first month of our 90-Day Accelerator as a 'Knock It Out' Workshop. This month we'll lay a solid foundation for all of your marketing goals. Similar to our 'Predictable Growth Strategy' Workshop, except here you'll have the prerequisite to progress to the 'Optimize' phase.

Create your own marketing workshop

Build Your Own

Need a custom solution? Need to cherry-pick from all of these workshops so you can solve a problem unique to your company? No problem. Contact us today and let us know what you need, and how we can help.


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We have crafted these workshops so they not only give direction, but light a fire. Kinda like hiring a temp, but with a resonating benefit that smolders with empowered culture and actionable strategy. Okay, not like a temp.

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The 'Knock It Out' Series was built for streamlined, strategic benefit for your specific growth needs. Do you see something that fits your needs perfectly? Awesome, let's do this! If not, it's okay. Consider our 'Build Your Own' option. Still need to learn more? Take advantage of our DYS Discovery Session, a free 60-90 minute strategy session that will help point the way.

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This is the total package—marketing support on-demand. The Zafha Advantage delivers marketing leadership were you need it.

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