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The Strategic Brand Audit

Do you know what you need, but not sure how to execute? Are you stuck, and not sure what action to take? If so, you’re not alone. The marketing landscape provides nearly limitless opportunities that can often confuse and overwhelm even the most savvy business leader.

We provide a short-form Strategic Brand Audit (SBA) to inquiring customers. We offer this free-of-charge, and it covers the Seven Brand Nodes of the SBA: Offering, Competition, Audiences, Position, Communication, Messaging, and Assets.

Why free, you say? Well, it’s actually standard procedure for us. In order for us to adequately present a solution (and pricing) for you, we need to do our research. We do it anyway, so we want to give it to you.

We will provide you with your SBA report, which is specific to your business and your current needs, with no obligation. You can do with it as you wish, but we hope the insight will encourage you to continue working with us.

The Seven Brand Nodes:

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