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Spine and Scoliosis Clinic

There's chiropractic, and then there is Chiropractic Biophysics, or CBP. Dr. Betty Callen and her team at the Spine and Scoliosis Clinic (SSC) strive for permanent spinal health, using not only chiropractic adjustments as part of their treatment, but mechanical traction and individualized exercise plans as well.

When we first starting working with SSC, it was exclusively through Google Adwords campaigns. Although we achieved great early results, the landscape quickly changed. Conversions were starting to trickle down, and costs were trending up. So it was time to pivot.

The result was a focus more on education, resources, and content marketing. We built a new website, produced videos, created a new blog page on the website, a virtual tour of the office, and started a series of Facebook/Instagram Ad campaigns centered around the value-add of CBP.

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